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Seamless Integration with Virtual Terminal Solutions

Your computer, phone or tablet becomes your virtual terminal in <24 hours… for free!

Speed, Convenience, Efficiency. It’s Why You’ll Love A Virtual Terminal.

Gone are the days where you must be tethered to a bulky machine to process transactions. With,
you now have FREEDOM. Freedom to process transactions on ANY internet-connected device — computer, phone or tablet.

Even more, you can process transactions over the phone, utilize stored payment details or even send your customer an
instant link to finalize the transaction. Easy, convenient and the setup is free.

Access and Use the Virtual Terminal on Any Internet Connected Device.
In Just a Couple Clicks, Process Credit Card, ACH and eCheck Payments.
Setup Recurring Billing and Invoices so You’re Automatically Paid Weekly or Monthly.
Create Customized Reporting from Anywhere.

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