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Process ACH or eCheck
Payments Instantly.

Our Setup Process
is Simple.

1. Setup

Business gains permission
from customer to complete transaction.

2. Authorization

Business enters the payment information into its online

3. Submit

Business saves the information and the ACH transaction
process starts.

4. Confirmation

Business receives payment
from customer’s checking account.

Benefits With

Payments you get


ACH and eCheck transactions typically have
lower processing fees compared to credit card
transactions, making them a cost-effective
payment option for businesses.

Automatic Payments

ACH and eCheck payments can be set up for re-
curring transactions, such as subscription services or
monthly bill payments, providing convenience for
both businesses and customers.

Faster Processing Times

While traditional paper checks may take days
to clear, ACH and eCheck transactions typically
have faster processing times, allowing businesses
to receive funds more quickly.

Wider Customer Reach

ACH and eCheck payments appeal to customers
who prefer bank transfers or do not have credit
cards, expanding the customer base for

Reduced Fraud

ACH and eCheck transactions benefit from security
features such as encryption and authentication,
reducing the risk of fraud compared to
traditional paper checks.

Integration with
Accounting Systems

ACH and eCheck processing can often be
seamlessly integrated with accounting software,
streamlining financial processes and reducing
manual data entry.

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