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Ultra-Reliable POS Systems
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247 Payments’ MICROS provides lightning-fast, seamless, stable and
secure point of sale (POS) systems for restaurants, hotels, resorts,
casinos, stadiums, arenas, cruise ships, transportation hubs,
and retail stores throughout the world.

Running a profitable restaurant, retail or hospitality environment takes more than just the right people. It takes the right technology. Armed with a slow, inefficient and clunky POS system, you’re making it harder on your team, harder on your customers and harder on your bottom line. OR…

You can gain the confidence knowing your team, management and customers have the top-of-the-line POS system in MICROS. Through, qualifying restaurants get a free MICROS POS. Plus, we offer no-cost setup and configuration for all restaurants and hospitality.

Upgrade Your Register & POS System For FREE.

Where Our POS System Shines

Food and Beverage

With digital menus, order accuracy, inventory management and more, the MICROS POS System is ideal for any food and beverage operation. Owners, employees and customers of independent and chain restaurants, bars, cafes, as well as stadiums, arenas, theme parks and transportation hubs love our POS.


With integrated PMS/POS solutions, inventory management and next day funding, our MICROS POS System is perfect for hotels, casinos and even cruises ships worldwide.


With lightning-quick processing, analytical reporting features, loyalty programs and next day funding, our MICROS POS System facilitates retail order management in the cloud.

Run Your Restaurant, Food Truck or Bar With EASE

Your customers simply want great service. Your management team and employees wants a seamless POS system, quality reporting, inventory management and next-day funding, all from a single, reliable and secure POS system. 247 Payments’ MICROS POS provides what ALL parties need. Armed with our state-of-the-art POS, your customers get flawless service.

Our simple and seamless POS system enables you to run the front-of-house and back-of-house from our easy-to-use cloud-based platform. Focus on your guests… not your technology.

Online Ordering & Delivery Becomes Second-Nature

If your restaurant today isn’t taking advantage of online ordering, you’re turning away serious revenue. Thankfully, with 247 Payments’ MICROS POS, makes it a cinch to bring your menu and payment processing online. Your customers will love the ease of online ordering. Your team will love the digital menus, menu optimization and order accuracy.

For Quick Service, Casual, and Fine Dining Restaurants

247 Payment’ MICROS POS Helps You Run a Better Business

The 247 Payment MICROS POS System powers the most successful restaurants around the world. From small cafes to Michelin-star restaurants to quick-service franchise establishments, they all benefit from our all-in-one cloud POS platform.

From the restaurant owners, to the management to the wait staff, they all see real results from our POS system’s online and in-house operations in real time from any device. Among their favorite features, include:

Fast, Secure and Trusted

Flexible and user-friendly, MICROS POS System is built on a stable and secure open API. Running on your choice of Microsoft Windows or 247 Payment Linux, you’ll be able to easily connect your favorite mobile payment processing, delivery services software and online ordering platforms.

Now you can easily shape the needs of your POS system to fit what your restaurant, your staff and your customers need.

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