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Smart Terminals for
Payment Processing

Optimize with powerful terminal reporting, branding and
sharing tools developed exclusively for the wireless industry.

Terminal Sharing

There are literally hundreds of different types of credit card terminals you can use for processing your transactions!
Unlike some processors who utilize proprietary equipment to force your length of stay with their company, 247 Payments
Concepts only sells terminals that can be used with most processing companies in the market.

Share devices across any of our certified EMV payment terminals, including our mobile devices, and any desktop or tablet workstation.

Optimize devices by running more transactions through your existing certified hardware.

Save on hardware costs by removing your dependency on a 1-to-1 device to workstation ratio.

Improve the checkout process by ensuring your customers never wait in line to pay

Process payments at
lower rates

A virtual credit card terminal allows you to process payments with ease, whether you receive information by phone, email, or physical mail. When a payment provider offers its own payment gateway, it integrates the necessary processing tools into its services, eliminating the need for third-party middleware or additional services and their associated fees.

Set up recurring credit card payments

It’s important to keep track of your recurring payments to ensure they’re processed correctly and that you have sufficient funds in your account to cover them. You may also want to review your payment settings periodically to make any necessary changes, such as updating your credit card information if it expires.

Gain 24/7 access to your records

Gaining 24/7 access to your payment records is vital for staying on top of your finances and ensuring accuracy in your transactions. Most financial institutions and service providers offer online portals or mobile apps where you can view your payment history at any time. By logging in to your account, you can access detailed records of your past payments, including dates, amounts, and recipients.

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Reporting Features

Transformative payment software housed in a sleek device.

Reporting Features

Take the checkout wherever your customers want to pay
with this wireless terminal.

Key Features and Benefits

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Accept Chip and
Pin and Contactless

Accept Major
Payment Card Brands

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