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Just when the nation’s healthcare industry is transforming billing
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With each passing year, the healthcare industry seems to get more and more complex. Between the countless hoops you must jump through with insurance providers to the time it takes for patients to pay, it’s a mess. Thankfully, is the authority of payment processing when it comes to healthcare.

It’s downright simple (and quick) to get your healthcare organization approved with And once you’re up and running (in usually just 2 days), you’ll enjoy the industry’s lowest fees and no equipment costs. Go ahead, get approved now.

Finally A Payment Processor Catering Specifically to Healthcare

With so many moving parts, most payment processing companies provide the SAME exact solutions for EVERY industry, including healthcare. recognizes the uniqueness of your industry.

We also understand that healthcare demands very efficient payment technologies and ultra-secure transactions. No matter what your position in the healthcare infrastructure, rest easy that caters specifically to your needs.

Medical practices

With same-day or next-day funding, you’ll get paid faster from your patients. And patients will enjoy more payment options, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, ACH payments and more. Finally, rather than jump from one platform to another, keeps everything on a single intuitive platform.

Health systems

Before creating our payment processing system, we found out everything the healthcare market would need. The result: a dynamic payment and revenue cycle solution that are ultra-secure, quick and convenient and provides the intuitive reporting you need. In short, it’s ideal for staff and patients.

Health Partners

Your health partners will appreciate our all-in-one integrated healthcare payment solutions. With surprisingly low fees, every transaction will drive more revenue to their bottom line.

Patient Payment

Chasing down a patient to secure payment can be an absolute nightmare. Fortunately, our payment processing system enables you to seamlessly connect health insurance plans, providers and patients securely and efficiently.

Let Us PROVE How Much $$$ You’ll Save

We get it, we’re promising a lot of savings here. Rather than take our word for it, let us prove it to you. Give us a chance, and we will do a one-to-one cost comparison to your current payment processor. Within minutes, you’ll see precisely how much you can save by using!

24/7 Payments

Our Modern Healthcare Payment Solutions Help Providers Continue Delivering Quality
Patient Care offers flexible healthcare-driven solutions with a variety of products that cater to both providers and payers.

We know healthcare.

While many payment processing businesses fail when it comes to healthcare, we know it forwards and backwards. And we’ve built solutions and systems to meet your specific healthcare needs.

Protect yourself and your patients.

Security for is priority one. Rest assured your patient’s payment card data is encrypted for maximum security.

Our technology works with your technologies.

Forget frustrations of systems that don’t mesh with one another. Our revenue cycle platform integrates seamlessly with your current healthcare software.

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