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As an automotive dealer or auto repair shop, you’re not simply selling $6 parts. You’re selling $50,000 cars or $1,200 service repairs. Therefore, every credit card swipe can cost your business far too much in transaction fees. Use the wrong credit card payment processor, and it’s eating into your revenue and profits. Ouch!

Car dealership owners and managers love That’s because they’ve learned that we offer the industry’s lowest processing fees AND free equipment. Even better, for dealer merchants, we offer same or next day funding. Keep more of what’s yours and get paid faster. Go ahead, get approved now.

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Why Automotive Shops & Dealers Are Switching to for Payment Processing

Making the switch is FAST and EASY. And the second you do join, you get our QUADRUPLE guarantees:

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24/7 Customer Service prides ourselves on our US-based, real humans who care about your concerns. That’s how we got our name!

Free Equipment with Signup

Auto dealers and repair shops are surprised that we provide free credit card terminals or processing equipment. (That’s how the “other guys” make their money).

Get Started Now with our Fast Approval

Most auto shops and dealerships can start processing transactions in 2 days or less!

Same-Day or Next-Day Funding

Forget the old days of waiting and waiting for deposits. provides same-day or next-day funding so you get paid ASAP.

Save on Every Transaction

Every tap or swipe of a credit card can save your dealership or auto repair shop $$$. We have the lowest processing rates. Period.

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Get 24/7 online access from anywhere!

Easy-Out Cancellation

While it’s rare that a dealership or auto repair shop cancels, it’s easy and free if they ever do. Our contracts run month-to-month with no term agreements or cancellation fees.

Get Started Now with our Fast Approval

Most auto shops and dealerships can start processing transactions in 2 days or less!

24/7 Payments

Auto Mechanics Appreciate 247 Payments’ Credit Card Processing Services

It all adds up! Whether you’re a dealership who sells a few cars a day or an auto mechanic who services 30 to 50 vehicles a day, every single credit card transaction incurs fees. Well, at 247Payments, we BREAK that rule with the industry’s lowest rates, no hidden fees and a guarantee not to raise your rates. Ever.

Part of the service our customers love is our full transparency and easy-to-read statements. We also feature dynamic reporting customized to your auto service. Offering ACH integration, a sophisticated integrated payments portal and same-day or next-day funding, is payment processing in a higher gear! Processes Credit Cards for EVERYONE in the Auto Industry, Including:

24/7 Payments

More Than Saving You Money, We Save You Time, Stress and Frustrations.

After their first credit card transaction with,
dealerships and auto repair shops appreciate the reduced rates. After a little while, they realize their customers appreciate our service as well.

Here are just some of the tools that help us earn our 5-star recommendations:

Whether you want to step up your payment processing game or want a better provider with fantastic service and low rates, Host Merchant services will make it happen. Reach out today for a free no-obligation quote. Also, check out what our customers have to say about us below.
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