High Risk Services

Enjoy merchant services that cater to the needs of your high risk business. With a high risk merchant account, you can eliminate the uncertainty of high risk payment processing.

With High Risk Services, you can eliminate the uncertainty of high risk payment processing

Our cutting-edge high risk credit card processing solutions ensure that you have the most up-to-date software and hardware.

Here at 247 Payments, new and established high risk merchant accounts are our specialty.

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Chargeback And Risk Mitigation

Our team of specialists will help you reduce chargebacks, keeping money in your pocket and your merchant account in good standing.”


Accept credit, debit and ACH payments through a single platform.

We are dedicated to helping our clients succeed and grow in today’s market”

247 Payments has made our Capital to Merchants program and Cash Team available to our high-risk clients. Whether you are looking for safe, reliable, domestic processing or need capital to expand your business, 247 Payments has the right solution for you!

  • Fast approval
  • The latest security features
  • Payment options for mobile and retail
  • Customizable solutions
  • Reliable processing times
  • Responsive customer support
Customers embrace the freedom of choice

Let Your Customers Choose Their Preferred Payment Methods

With unique payment preferences, your customers have a diverse set of payment needs. This is why we have stepped up to meet these needs through our comprehensive suite of POS systems and payment methods.

If we did not mention your industry type please inquire within as we look at every deal. Please contact us for a free/ no obligation rate review or simply click on Get Started

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