Automated Clearing House(ACH)

The Omni Channel Solution provides an extensive list of payment services which will broaden your commerce capabilities with a single payments provider.

Merchants can now receive on time ACH payments securely right from their customers bank accounts.

Whether it’s a one-time sale or a recurring charge, the cost per transaction is very low compared to traditional payment options

Let your clients send you money online instantly by enabling ACH payment processing in your business. Billing customers has never been so seamless. Simply enter your customer’s information and transaction amount into the payment dashboard, then click send and we will handle the rest.

Risk & Compliance

Real Time ACH
Payment verification

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Dedicated Tech

Recurring Billing

One Platform

Dedicated Gateway

Some of the examples of ACH transactions include:

Payscape accepts and supports online and recurring payments in over 200 countries and territories, including Europe, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

  • Online Bill Payment
    Online bill payments through your bank account
  • Transfer Money
    Transferring money from one bank account to another
  • Pay And Receive Payments
    Paying vendors or receiving money from customers via direct deposit
  • Direct Deposit
    Direct deposit payroll to an employee’s checking account used by companies
Customers embrace the freedom of choice

Let Your Customers Choose Their Preferred Payment Methods

With unique payment preferences, your customers have a diverse set of payment needs. This is why we have stepped up to meet these needs through our comprehensive suite of POS systems and payment methods.

Experience Matters in Payment Processing

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Accepting Payments Has Never Been Easier

Providing a seamless payment experience with little to no friction can make the difference between a customer visiting your shop once or becoming a regular.